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The Problem

As we all know, tradespeople are expected to buy the materials and complete the work without any assurances or commitment from the consumer. This is not right or fair and things have to change.

Everybody talks about rogue traders but we all know that there are also rogue customers who have an affect on the tradespeople.

It is estimated that SMEs face £40 billion a year in unpaid invoices, prompt payment is an ethical issue.

We have the issue of competing with rogue traders who give our industry a bad name. They undercut our prices and make us look expensive and don’t have the qualifications, insurances or pay their taxes. This results in the genuine tradespeople losing the job whilst the rogues continue to carry out shoddy workmanship and not be made accountable.

At Recommend and Share, we want to change this. We believe that good, honest, reliable tradespeople should be valued, appreciated and respected. You deserve peace of mind before committing to new customers.


Giving you a voice

Your opinion matters. That's why Recommend & Share is designed to give you a voice. It's the only place where everyone can speak freely about their experiences, creating a better, safer environment for all.

By showing your appreciation to a great customer, you can now recommend them to others and help them to stand out from rogue customers.

In the event of a dispute, your voice will make the customer accountable for their actions and make it difficult for them to find a genuine tradesperson. Sharing your story will help to protect the rest of the community from going through the same negative experience, giving you some satisfaction.


How does it work?

Your listing on Recommend & Share is completely free. There are NO yearly/monthly membership fees, no commissions and you do NOT pay for leads. Recommend & Share is a strictly not-for-profit organisation, It was designed by a Tradesman for the Tradespeople and Consumers.

Using Recommend & Share will help you to grow your business and reputation through customer recommendations. Any customer can endorse you and once you open an account you can accept their recommendation and your profile will be shared on our site for all to see. Or you can create and manage your own profile to ensure you appear whenever local customers are searching under your trade. A strong portfolio of positive recommendations will help you stand out from the crowd, providing you with added credibility when quoting for work, which will increase your chances of winning more work.

And, for the first time, you'll be able to check a customer's credentials too, helping you to avoid anyone with a bad history. Once the job is complete, don't forget to leave a review to let others know about your experience. Your customer’s reputation is governed by you so this discourages them from treating you unfairly, improving your business and your livelihood.

Join the Revolution

Using Recommend & Share gives you a voice, boosts your credibility and helps you avoid dishonest customers. Open an account with us today - together, we'll reinvent the industry!

Did you Know?

uk homeowners

£ 1.9 bn

Rogue traders cost UK homeowners £1.9 Billion a year in botched jobs.


medium size businesses

£ 39 bn

Small to medium size businesses face £39 billion in unpaid invoices, prompt payment is an ethical issue.

decline of skills

Decline of skills

Britain faces decline of quality skilled tradespeople.

You Recommend

Recommend & Share is the only place where both consumers and tradespeople can recommend each other, for everyone to see.

Giving a recommendation is a way of saying thank you and letting others know that the person you worked with is honest and reliable. Receiving recommendations boosts your credibility and provides reassurance to those looking to engage with you in the future.

Customer recommend tradesperson Tradesperson recommend a customer



You Share

In the event of an unresolved dispute, you can now share your stories to help protect the rest of the community from dishonest individuals.

Recommendations can be seen by everyone, ensuring that genuine people are rewarded, while any rogues are exposed - making it harder for them to cause further damage.

Recommend & Share makes everybody accountable for their actions.

Customer share your story Tradesperson share your story

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